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"If a blog is a legacy then tumblr warriors are the future of mankind, and I refuse to believe that.



Christ, the legacy begins. Probably shouldn’t even call it a legacy. If a blog is a legacy then tumblr warriors are the future of mankind and I refuse to believe that.


This blog is just something for me to look back on when I’m 80 and show the grandkids. I’ll whip out the dusty and trusty ol’ laptop and show them that maybe I’m not just a dumb cunt in a chrome rocking chair. I’m pretty sure that’s all success is; your grandkids not thinking you’re a useless geriatric fuck.

“Listen to these sweet bars kids. Isn’t your pop a cool dude.”

“fuck off grandad”

Does unconditional love extend to grandkids? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. I’ll be allowed to despise them with every cell of my dementia ridden mind. I’ll be the grandad battle rapping the grandkids. I don’t care if they’re new born, lemme at em.

Legacy is defined as “something left or handed down by a predecessor.” So I suppose I could shit in a paper bag and that too would be a legacy. However I’m determined to leave a legacy of laughter, music, connection, love, kicking hardship in the balls, abundance, and gratefulness. If I can do that I’ll know I’ve done all I can to influence the people around me positively. That’s all anyone can ask of anyone.

Slowly, a calculated legacy is becoming a trend. Its like collectively were lurching out of our adolescence and realizing

“ooooh, our consequences have actions”

It’s a trend that’s just beginning to stick in the minds of the masses. Maybe one day it’ll fully take hold; the earth is heating up, we raped and pillaged peaceful tribes, violence breeds more violence.

Shit, my brain isn’t even fully developed yet, maybe I’ve got it all wrong.

Maybe let’s just all have a pint and wait for it all to blow over. Until it does, I’ll be writing more music.

Ex oh ex oh.

Gozzip boi

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